20 / Aug / 2015

A charismatic Omara Portuondo and vocally enchanting Eliades Ochoa paved the way for the acclaimed and well-regarded Cuban ensemble Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club® Wednesday night, when their “Adiós” Tour lit up at the Hollywood Bowl before a sold-out and extremely pleased crowd. Portuondo is beloved. When she made her first appearance on stage, the audience greeted the icon with a standing ovation without her even having sung one tune. [...]  

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06 / Aug / 2015


The Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club®, a core band featuring several of the original musicians, will embark on a North American farewell "Adios" tour in August 2015. The "Adios" tour includes extensive dates in the United States as well as dates in Canada, culminating November 7 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. See all tour dates here.

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01 / Aug / 2015


Laughs, travel day, b-days, long waiting hours at the airport, fun a lot of fun... this is ‪#‎AdiósTour2015‬! Click here and discover the exclusive pictures of our latest tour in Europe!

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30 / Jul / 2015


Roberto Fonseca along with Ibrahim's widow and family will pay a tribute to his figure and music next August 3rd at Jazz in Marciac. 10 years since his very last show (in Marciac) and what better than to celebrate a special concert honoring him and his music. Unfortunately Omara won't be able to assist, but she recorded a special messaje that the audience will see on the show [...]  

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20 / Jul / 2015


Lost and Found. Beggening and End. Complementary concepts, this is the exact definition to understand the situation for Buena Vista Social Club. The legendary band from Cuba started one year ago the farewell tour named: ‘Adiós tour’. Omara Portuondo and Eliades Ochoa are some of the survivors from the original formation  and they have been promoting their new album Lost and Found, a release with plenty of hidded vaults from [...]  

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14 / Jul / 2015


In front of your eyes is a piece of popular music history. Since 2008, Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club® has continued as the legitimate heir to the project that began in 1996. And this is your passport to an unforgettable journey that originates in Cuba.  Having a copy in your hands is like beeing part of the group, a member of the band. In it are all the details [...]  

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24 / Jun / 2015


Few days were enought to get back on tour. The Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club® started the European Summer Tour in  Barcelona, at the Festival de Pedralbes. A SOLD OUT show that brought the very best of Cuban classics. Various newspappers covered such special night. You can read the show reviews on El País & La Vanguardia.

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19 / Jun / 2015


Orquesta Buena Vista Social Club® continues the Farewell tour around the world and they are glad to confirm the unique stop in Spain’s Capital Madrid. It will be at Veranos de la Villa to be held at the Teatro Circo Price. The band joined by Omara Portuondo & Eliades Ochoa will be in Madrid on July 21st. More details here.

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10 / Jun / 2015


Buena Vista Social Club, the musicians who wrote the defining soundtrack of 1940s Cuba, are still going strong. They’re on a world tour – including London – where they’ve been speaking to Matt Frei for Channel 4 News. Check the video here.

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19 / May / 2015


Havana’s annual Cubadisco fair is aimed at promoting Cuban music and its international relationships with a full schedule of concerts, panels and workshops. The event kicked off on the afternoon of May 14 with the Premios Cubadisco, an award ceremony for the best Cuban recordings of the year held at the Tropicana cabaret. The fair continues through May 24.  Omara Portuondo won the Excellence Award for Magia Negra, a re-recording of her [...]  

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